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Top Reasons the Kombi Remains to be the Most Favourite Vintage Car in the World

Vintage cars are sought after these days for various events and presentations. They are used as bridal cars, conversation pieces during big events, accessories for photo and video shoots, and sometimes just used for a weekend getaway. But if there’s one vintage car that’s always being craved for by renters, that would be the Kombi.

But why do people love this vehicle so much, to think that it is already old? Well, if you are looking towards using this iconic campervan one of these days, then here are the reasons to convince you to do so:

  1. It represents the ultimate road trip ambience.

During its heyday, kombis were used for almost every road trip adventure. Families go to the beach with it, or camp in the woods with it. It’s like in every long road travel, this vehicle truly serves its purpose. Sure, many types of vans have been designed and released to the market, but none of them were able to achieve the same love as the Kombi had, and until now that same user affection can still be felt.

Using a Kombi during a weekend getaway makes your adventure more memorable. You get to pose with the van while it is parked, or take group photos while on the road. You may also use it as your instant tent in case you plan to camp out at a nearby site during your trip.

  1. It is very spacious.

Technically speaking, the Kombi can accommodate up to eight passengers, including the driver. But if you use it for a car stuffing contest, you will be surprised that it can actually take in up to 27 persons! You just can’t drive all of them in one vehicle.

Indeed there are vans bigger than the Kombi, among them are those that have up to 14 seats inside. But while it only has a total of 8 seats, the floor area of the campervan is so spacious, you will actually feel comfortable due to adequate leg and elbow room. In essence, you get to move freely while inside the van.

  1. Kombis are perfect for weddings.

Kombi vans may not necessarily be the top choice for a bridal car, but they can be used as vehicles to transport the entourage from one point to another. Yes, they are the perfect complement to the vintage bridal car to be used during the wedding ceremony.

During weddings, two or three kombis are used, one for the principal sponsors, the second for the female entourage, and third for the male entourage. You may likewise choose van colours that match the theme of the wedding, or go with the available shades just to make the vehicle choice seem rather spontaneous.

  1. Kombis are convertible.

Kombis over the years have found more use not only in their original form, but as converted vehicles. Due to their spacious interiors and durable material exteriors, kombis have become the top choice for converted vehicles, i.e. vans turned into food trucks or mobile kitchens.

If you are the kind who rents food carts and trucks for events and businesses, then investing on a Kombi would do you wonders. You can rent out a converted campervan if in case you intend to use it for a pop-up event, a weekend cookout party, or an outdoor celebration where you are going to host a big number of guests.