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Shots to include for your wedding album

If you’re looking for inspiration for great poses during your wedding photos, then look no further. Wedding photos need to be amazing enough to last a lifetime and be displayed with admiration and joy. Here are some ideas to give your photographer, although he or she will no doubt be well-prepared with plenty of superb wedding poses:

Blind Folded Groom

A popular choice for the first photo follows the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride in her finery until they exchange vows. If it can be staged properly, having the bride behind the groom with her hands playfully covering his eyes is a fun way to start the day of photography. Or for an even more playful ‘First Look’ photo, have both bride and groom blindfolded.

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First Dance

This is a must in any wedding photograph collection. Getting the couple’s first dance is an important symbolic moment of the whole day. If the photographer is not staying for the whole day, get a shot of you both practicing your first dance moves during the period of the photo shoot. To make it look intimate and private, a great idea is to get the shot from a balcony above the couple.

The Hand Kiss

This is a sweet, romantic and timeless gesture of loyalty, love and respect. It makes for a really cute shot to include in your album too. For a professional Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

Relaxed Natural Gaze

For a casual, unposed shot, being seated next to each other and chatting makes for a relaxed and natural shot. If the groom stretches his feet out and the bride leans in towards him, it should capture an intimate moment where your eyes meet, and the photographer can capture that precious moment.

A Walk

Movement in a photo can lend a relaxed, natural feel as well. If your wedding is taking place in a gorgeous setting, like gardens, trees, by water or on the beach, shots of you walking together hand in hand from a distance will look incredibly romantic.

Weather Shots

If the weather turns out to be rather inclement on your big day, don’t be deterred but use it to your advantage. Encourage your photographer to capture some fun weather-related shots such as the groom shielding the bride with his jacket or an umbrella!

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Photo Frame Prop

Holding a frame together and having numerous shots from different angles is a fun and unique way to capture your special day.

The Kiss

Towards the end of the shoot, when everyone is warmed up and relaxed, the all-important shot is the couple’s kiss. It can be done as a light-hearted giggle or an artistic and seriously romantic affair. For an air of intimacy and mystery, why not cover yourselves with the bride’s veil?

Finding a Caterer for Your Wedding

Hiring a wedding caterer can be a big task, especially if it’s for your wedding. You want everything to be perfect, but this is hard to predict when you have to depend on others to make everything run smoothly. A wedding catering company can be used if you don’t want to supply the food on your own. The cost for hiring a wedding caterer varies upon who you hire, the type of food you order and the amount of food you require.

Deciding What’s on the Menu

One of the first things you need to do before you hire a wedding catering company in your town is to figure out what you want to serve to your guests. Are you looking for a menu that is elegant, southern, contemporary or healthy? Maybe you want to offer a variety of styles of food for the different styles of guests that will be attending your wedding. For instance, you may have vegetarians or vegans coming to your ceremony and surely you don’t want them to go hungry because you decided to order 20 platters of shellfish and chicken.

How Much Food is Enough?

The worst thing that could happen is you order food from a wedding caterer and end up with a shortage. Now, you have guests who aren’t going to be fed. To prevent this, you will need to do a head count of how many guests will be attending your wedding and then inform the caterer. A professional wedding caterer will know how much food to provide for everyone. This is especially important if you have special items on the menu for your vegan or other special needs guests.

Hiring a Wedding Catering Company

Finding a wedding caterer in your locale should be done in a thorough manner. You can use the Internet to find caterers near you, but you don’t want to hire anyone until you have seen and tasted their food. Pay a visit to the wedding catering company in your city and see if you like what you see and taste. Food may look delicious on a Web site, but taste horrible in real life. You should also ask for references to find out how well the wedding caterer has done with past events.

Types of Catering Businesses

There are different types of caterers that you may come across during your search. For instance, you will find that some restaurants around town offering catering services, including fast food joints and dine-in restaurants. Then there are specialized wedding caterers near you who only provide wedding catering services. It all comes down to what you prefer. The type of food that the wedding caterer offers is also important. The catering company may not be able to provide the type of food you want, so be sure to verify your menu before hiring any caterer.

Your wedding should be as perfect as possible, so make sure that you get a wedding caterer that is experienced and has great cooking skills.

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